Long Nose Dog Breeds

Long Nose Dog Breeds

Whether it’s a crooked finger, long neck or narrow hips, each of us has at least one quirky trait that distinguishes our look. Dogs are no different, with some sporting adorably long noses and narrow faces. These traits, often the result of centuries, or even millennia of targeted breeding, are what make some dogs so unique.

For instance, the dog with really long snout   wolfhound (like the animal featured in viral videos) has a 12.2-inch nose that may be the longest of any dog on earth. But Eris’ long schnoz is more than just an attention grabber; the breed was originally bred to hunt animals like wolves, so they’re also known as excellent runners.

The Dachshund is another example of a long-nosed breed. These sausage dogs are incredibly agile and love to run, but their elongated bodies and large noses make them great at digging underground. In fact, their name means “badger dog,” which is fitting since they were developed to help chase badgers from their dens.

The Long-Nosed Dog’s Guide to Playtime: Toys and Activities for Snout-First Fun

Bloodhounds are champion sniffers and have the longest nose of all canines, containing up to 300 million olfactory receptors (compared to five million for humans). Their ability to discern scents — along with their long ears and wrinkly faces — make them highly effective search-and-rescue dogs.

Italian Greyhounds are a little tinier than their long-nosed counterparts, but they have big personalities and are eager to please. These affectionate dogs need a lot of exercise, so they’re not well-suited to apartment living and must have a large, fenced-in area to roam free in.

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