Buy Gold Ireland

Buy Gold Ireland

buy gold ireland

In the current climate of uncertainty, many investors are seeking out gold as a safe haven. This precious metal doesn’t fluctuate as much as currencies, stocks and bonds – and it is unlikely to ever go to zero, unlike a share which can be wiped out when a company fails.

Amid all this volatility, GoldCore – Ireland’s leading bullion dealer – is reporting growing demand for Irish-branded buy gold ireland bars. The firm’s Dublin vaults have become the preferred storage location for its client bullion over Perth, Zurich and Singapore, having already surpassed Hong Kong.

Shining Bright: Where and How to Buy Gold in Ireland

Gold is also becoming more accessible to smaller investors. Investors can buy physical gold bullion coins and bars, or exchange traded funds (ETFs). While the latter offer full exposure to the price of gold, they have an added layer of security and convenience. ETFs can be held in a bank, private safe, or even via a broker.

Another way of getting invested in gold is by buying jewellery. However, this can be more expensive than investing in the metal itself. The cost reflects the jeweller’s time and skill, the precious content – usually diamonds – and VAT.

Another option is to purchase a minted gold coin, such as the 1oz Dublin Assay Office-branded bullion bar being made available for the first time. This will carry a small premium over the spot price of gold, but it is a convenient and easily stored route into investing in the precious metal.

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