What is an IP Geolocation Database?

What is an IP Geolocation Database?

A IP geolocation database is a critical piece of technology that allows digital connections to be accurately mapped to physical locations. The result is an invaluable tool for businesses looking to target specific regions, show users products in their native currency or adjust content to suit local preferences.

The most basic information available in an IP geolocation database is the continent, country, state/region and city of a user’s location as well as their time zone and internet service provider (ISP). In addition to this, many geolocation databases provide additional details such as the user’s approximate longitude and latitude, language, the device they are using, and more.

Understanding IP Geolocation Databases: Mapping Internet Users

Most IP geolocation databases are managed by a third party and the data that they return to site owners is sourced from various sources including the Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) which are the official organizations responsible for managing and distributing IP addresses within their regions. In addition to this, some geolocation services may also utilize user-submitted information or data gathered through GPS-enabled devices.

There are two main types of geolocation services available to website owners – free and paid options. The main difference is that a paid option will usually offer better data accuracy, frequent updates and support in the event of issues. Paid database options are usually broken down into different tiers so that you can pay for the level of accuracy and data coverage that you need. This can be a significant cost saving for larger projects and businesses that have a high volume of visitors from specific regions.

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