The Best Chemical Bund Lining Prices

The Best Chemical Bund Lining Prices

best chemical bund lining prices

When you are choosing which chemical bund lining to have applied it is important that you consider the type of chemicals stored and how they are to be handled. It is also worth noting that the condition of your existing bunds is a consideration – cracking, contamination from walls, movement in the structure can all compromise the fluid tightness and integrity of the coating system and increase the risk of environmental damage in the event of a leak or spill.

Different types of chemical-resistant linings require differing installation methods. Fibreglass linings provide excellent chemical resistance, while epoxy linings are designed to be hardwearing and endure damage well. We have a wide range of specialised chemical-resistant bund lining systems, including polyurea and vinyl ester lining solutions that can be used to line concrete and steel bunds.

Cost-Effective Containment: Exploring Affordable Options for Chemical Bund Lining

The best chemical bund lining prices vary depending on the kind of chemicals you’re storing and how they are to be handled. You’ll need to choose a chemical-resistant lining that’s compatible with your chemicals, as well as taking into account other factors like the maximum high temperature the lining is required to tolerate.

One of the most common reasons for lining a bund is to make an old one compliant with Environment Agency pollution guidelines. This might be because the bund has a leak or area of deterioration that needs to be repaired. Alternatively, it could be because the site’s operation means that a spillage is likely to happen. Whatever the cause, it’s a great idea to have your bund relined by a specialist contractor so that you can be sure that the lining is robust enough to protect the surrounding area and prevent environmental damage.

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