Office Desk Dividers

Office Desk Dividers

Office desk dividers offer a protective shield in place between employees to reduce the transfer of CO VID-19. HSE has also recommended that if 2 metre distance is impossible, companies should provide a partition between individuals to reduce the transfer of airborne allergens. Barrier screen for commercial and office sneeze control, protective customised desk dividers and partition for personal safety are simple to disinfect.

office desk dividers


How To Win Friends And Influence People With Office Desk Dividers

A new generation of office desk dividers are incorporating smart new technologies such as electromagnetic distancing, proximity indicators, ergonomic support and environmental and ergonomic management. electromagnetic distancing reduces the energy dissipation by maximising surface area available for airflow. This results in increased comfort and improved circulation. Due to the increased comfort, there is an increased likelihood of staying longer in the office and productivity improves.

Picking out office desk dividers depends on your work culture and your comfort level, there are wooden office dividers and then leather ones. Wooden ones are always more aesthetically pleasing, although they are often heavier and take up more space. If you have large files or a lot of drawers you may need a metal partition. The most important thing is to pick one that meets your needs.

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