Mango Bingsu

Mango Bingsu

Originally a Korean dessert, Mango Bingsu has spread across the world. It is made with a variety of flavours including strawberry, red bean, and mango. It’s a summer dessert that’s creamy, icy, and delicious.

What is the most popular ice cream in Korea?

It’s easy to make at home. Start by freezing a combination of whole milk and sweetened condensed milk. Then grate or shave the ice and add toppings.

Fresh mango is best, but you can also use frozen. You’ll need to chop it up before freezing to ensure it’s not broken up. Once the compote is frozen, store it in an airtight container in your freezer.

Traditional toppings include groundnut powder, red bean, bean paste, and cookies. Other options are berries and condensed milk.

Some high-end hotels in Korea have started to add mango bingsu to their menus. The Lotte Hotel in Seoul and Four Seasons in Jeju Island have launched their own versions. The bingsu costs around $50 per bowl. They include salty caviar and cloud-like cotton candy.

This summer dessert is popular in China and South Korea. It’s similar to shaved ice, but the Korean version is healthier. You can get the ingredients at most Asian grocery stores.

The best places to try bingsu are in Asian bakeries or in Chinese restaurants. You can also find a lot of bingsu stalls on the street during summer. Some of the most popular bingsu locations in Scarborough are Dear Fro and Soul Cafe.

Mango bingsu is a very popular dessert during the hot summer months in Korea. It’s also a popular choice in North America and Europe.

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