Make Your Stickers Stand Out With Holographic Stickers

Make Your Stickers Stand Out With Holographic Stickers

holographic stickers

If you want to make your stickers pop, then holographic vinyl stickers | Vinyl Status are the way to go. Not only do they have a special finish that will help your design stand out, but they also have a gorgeous rainbow effect that changes with the light and perspective.

Hologram Stickers and their Benefits

They can enhance brand images, protect products from falsification, and increase client satisfaction. They’re also great for security and verification purposes, especially when used on software or computers.

Designed for long-lasting durability, they can handle a lot of wear and tear and will not fade easily under the sun. They’re ideal for use on retail items, product authenticity, ID cards, and other important assets.

How to Create Custom Holographic Stickers for Your Personal Brand

When you’re ready to start designing your custom holographic stickers, head over to our free sticker editor, Graphic. Our design tool has hundreds of templates and easy-to-use features to help you create your design quickly and affordably.

For the ultimate iridescent glow, try adding spot UV or white ink printing effects to your holographic sticker design. These two effects will make your stickers even more dazzling, and will give them that oil-slick look that really sets them apart from the competition!

How to Create Holographic Stickers with Cricut

When it comes to designing holographic labels, the best way to keep the design looking stunning is to leave plenty of empty space. This will allow the holographic material to shine through without any obstruction from ink or other printed elements.

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