Killarney Early Learning Centres

Killarney Early Learning Centres

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The Killara Early Learning Caregivers and Childcare Centre are located in the beautiful city of Killarney, Ireland. Located on the Killarney River, the centre is one of the most attractive childcare facilities in Killarney, with a number of different child care options including morning sessions, after-school group activities, art and craft sessions, and yoga. This childcare centre offers innovative and flexible programs for the youngest children, allowing them to progress at their own pace within the safe confines of a warm, welcoming environment. Throughout the year, the centre holds a number of exciting events that coincide with the beginning of school and throughout each month, there is an array of special events designed to engage all levels of participants.


In addition to the traditional after-school program, the childcare centre offers several other educational services killara clients, which are specially tailored to suit the needs of families and parents. Some of these services include literacy classes, music lessons, science experiments, art activities, and foreign language classes, as well as many other interesting and unique programs that help children develop both cognitive and social skills, while also developing their self-esteem. For families that need specialized services, the centre offers qualified staff members who are committed to each individual family, ensuring that they receive the best possible care.


The Killarney Early Learning Caregivers and Childcare Centre have a strong tradition of providing children with both structured and open learning experiences, ensuring that children grow up to be intelligent, confident individuals who are able to participate in a wide variety of educational and extracurricular activities. All classes provided at the centre are taught by trained teachers, and the centre prides itself on the quality of education that its students receive. This ensures that children from different backgrounds have access to a similar curriculum, helping them build on their strengths and become more proficient at all areas. Throughout the year, the centre’s student population undergoes intensive cultural competency training in order to ensure that students are integrated into the community as well as achieving professional qualifications in their chosen career fields. In the spring and summer, the centre hosts an array of festivals and events to provide children with free education and fun activities.

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