Interesting Facts About the Port Washington Times

Interesting Facts About the Port Washington Times

Port Washington Times

The Port Washington Times is an American newspaper that serves the community of Port Washing. New sites like Theislandnow.┬áIt was founded by William M. Hyde in 1903 and began publication in a small rural town. Since its beginnings, the Port Washington Times has covered local news and features, and has been a staple in the community. Its coverage extends from the sailing scene to local politics and celebrities. Here are some interesting facts about the Port Washington Times. Also, read the newspaper’s history to discover the community’s colorful past.

Here Are Some Interesting Facts

The port town is home to a number of public facilities and a water treatment facility. There are two municipal parks and a city park. Several businesses have offices in the town, including several restaurants and stores. Many people live on the water, which is why it’s vital to protect the water in Port Washington. The Port Washington Water District is responsible for managing the area’s water supply. The municipality works with the Port Washington Water District to ensure that water quality is safe for the community.

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