How to Choose the Best Spread Betting Platform in the UK

How to Choose the Best Spread Betting Platform in the UK

Spread betting platform uk allows you to speculate on a market’s price movements without owning the underlying asset. Trades are structured on a per point movement basis and profits are tax-free in the UK (similar to CFD trading). We’ve tested, rated and reviewed the best spread betting platforms in the UK to help you choose the right account for your strategy.

A key factor when choosing a spread betting provider is the quality of their platform and its educational resources. The top brokers offer intuitive interfaces, extensive educational materials, and dedicated support to guide new traders through the complexities of financial markets.

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Another important consideration is the spread size and types offered by each broker. A good spread betting platform will offer competitive spreads for both forex and equities. For example, IG offers some of the lowest spreads in the UK on major shares such as Apple and Amazon with spreads starting at 1 point per share. IG also has a wide range of research tools, economic diaries and technical and fundamental trading signals.

In addition, spread betting platforms typically charge a “buy-sell” spread and may have overnight fees on open positions that have not closed by the end of the day. Traders should always check the FCA website for a list of regulated spread betting providers. Those that are regulated by the FCA have strict financial standards and are required to maintain client funds in segregated accounts. In addition, they are not allowed to use leverage that exceeds certain limits.

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