TimeFlys Private Jet Charters Price Estimator

TimeFlys Private Jet Charters Price Estimator

Chartering a charter quotes jet is the most comfortable, luxurious, and safe way to travel. But it’s also the most expensive, making owning one even more exclusive. Luckily, there are a growing number of companies that offer a private jet-like experience without the cost and hassle of owning an aircraft.

TimeFlys’ cutting-edge private jet charter price estimator gives you the freedom to compare your options. Whether you’re looking to fly across the country or an international journey, our proprietary technology helps you budget accurately and confidently.

TimeFlys Private Jet Charters: The Ultimate in Luxury Travel

Aircraft size has a significant impact on hourly private jet charter costs. The larger the aircraft, the greater its range and passenger capacity. As a result, rates increase with flight duration and distance. For example, a transatlantic flight on a midsize jet like the Citation XLS might cost around $28,000.

The additional concierge services you add to your charter also affect the final cost. These can include everything from arranging luxury ground transportation to booking a table at a highly-regarded restaurant. But they can also add to the overall expense of your trip, especially if you choose a service that’s highly specialized or bespoke.

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