The Best Online Games For Learning Geography

The Best Online Games For Learning Geography

The Best Online Games for Learning Geography

There are a lot of great UFABET เว็บตรง จุดหมายคาสิโนของคุณ geography games that teach students and kids about world geography, country locations on a map, capital cities, countries flags, oceans, seas, major lakes and rivers, and more. We’ve rounded up our favorites below, many of which are free, although some do require a subscription to use their full range of features.

The World Geography app provides a variety of quizzes on different geographic topics, including continents, oceans, mountains, and major lakes and rivers. It also offers a variety of ways to interact with the quizzes, from answering questions to re-creating the map or changing the terrain.

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Byron’s Games Continent Race and Stack the Countries turn geography learning into a game, encouraging students to learn through play and helping them to remember country names, locations, and flags. The app’s mascots and cute designs make it ideal for younger learners.

GeoGuessr teaches students to notice environmental clues that can help them determine the location they are in. This game uses Google Street View and challenges players to look for all sorts of things that can give them a clue as to where they are, from language on road signs to the type of vegetation or buildings.

The app, City Guesser, takes a similar approach to teaching students about cities worldwide by showing video footage of a city and asking them to guess where on the map it is located. It also shows them how close they were to the correct answer, which is an excellent way to reinforce knowledge.

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