Shopping For an Electric Car Motor For Sale

Shopping For an Electric Car Motor For Sale

When shopping for an electric car motor for sale, you should consider the power level and rpm range you want. You also need to consider whether your vehicle will be able to support the motor’s current and torque requirements. For example, if you plan to cruise at 140 mph, the motor must be able to deliver at least 160kW continuously. If your vehicle doesn’t have the power capabilities, you’ll need to upgrade the battery pack and/or transmission.

Typically, DC series motors are more affordable than AC motors and you can often find them in forklift salvage yards, making them a popular choice for back-yard conversions. Additionally, they usually run off of 12V lead acid batteries so they are easier to integrate into classic car chassis that were designed around ICE engines.

However, AC motors are becoming increasingly more common in new EVs and are considered the superior technology for modern electric vehicles. While they may cost more upfront, they are quieter, have more power density, and require less maintenance. Additionally, AC motors are much more versatile as they can be used on both single and dual-motor applications.

Electric Car Motor for Sale: Options and Considerations

If you’re looking for an easy-to-integrate crate electric car motor, look no further than Electric GT’s LS-E package. This bolt-in crate motor will mount to virtually any manual transmission GM or Ford LS engine from the 1960s through 2015. This makes it the easiest drop-in electric motor kit for your classic ride. It even includes an installation manual, technical support, and auxiliaries like air conditioning and power brakes.

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