How to Properly Store Marijana Seeds

How to Properly Store Marijana Seeds

Marijana seeds are small, oval-shaped dried fruits covered by a delicate membrane and surrounded by a protective layer of albumen. They contain a hard-shelled embryo with a built-in nutritional reserve that protects the seed until it germinates. Seeds stored properly can remain viable for up to 20 years. Seeds are usually stored in a dry place at a temperature of around 22° Celsius, but lower temperatures can also prolong their life span by slowing the enzyme that triggers germination.

From Seed to Smoke: Navigating the Cannabis Seed Market and Finding the Perfect Strains for Your Garden

When storing seeds, the goal is to create an environment that mimics the conditions of the plant’s natural habitat and germination process. To preserve viability, a seed’s embryo should not be exposed to any water or sunlight. During storage, it is also important to reduce oxygen levels as much as possible. Only 20% of oxygen is required for seeds to germinate, so removing excess oxygen from the seed’s environment increases their longevity.

As cannabis legalization continues to gain momentum, more and more people want to try growing their own marijuana. Although many states have made cannabis cultivation legal, the process can still be challenging for novices. To help them get started, many home growers seek out high-quality seeds that will produce robust plants that yield strong buds and large harvests.

When selecting seeds, growers should consider a variety of factors, such as the strain’s potency, ease of cultivation, and flowering time. They should also pay close attention to the seeds’ packaging to ensure that they are safe and healthy for ingestion or planting.

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