How to Build a Custom Defender

How to Build a Custom Defender

Custom Defender is a one-of-a-kind, turnkey experience for Land Rover owners who want to make their classic Defender into a modern masterpiece. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your Defender’s exterior, interior, or drivetrain, you can spec your perfect Land Rover with help from our team of experts and the top custom builders in the country.

Is Defender cheaper than Range Rover?

E.c.d. automotive design, formerly East Coast Defender, is an undisputed industry leader in Land Rover Defender restoration. Their custom Defenders feature a variety of performance upgrades fit for the 21st century, including a powerful, redesigned engine, a more refined ride, and a completely revamped interior.

Osprey starts with a customer’s existing Defender, which they tear down and rebuild, then add all sorts of new and custom modifications. They swap out the Land Rover’s modest 182 hp 3.9-liter V8 for a GM Chevy LS3 V8 crate engine and rework the suspension, steering, and transmission.

Himalaya uses a laser-straight frame to ensure a tight fit between body panels and the frame. They also build a new door with a Dynamat-filled door skin that they claim “closes more easily and stably than the stock doors.”

The result is an SUV that drives like a contemporary Land Rover on the road, but still retains the Defender’s boxy exterior and hardy-looking cabin details. Plus, it offers a wide array of luxury features you’d expect from a luxury SUV.

The Defender’s cabin is big, comfortable and very well insulated from road vibrations. It also has plenty of storage for long journeys, including long front seat shelves and multilevel storage in the center console. You can even customize your Defender’s cabin with Rough-Cut Walnut or Natural Smoked Dark Oak open-pore wood veneers.

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