How Controversial is Andrew Tate?

How Controversial is Andrew Tate?

From appearing on Big Brother to becoming one of the most controversial influencers online, way of wudan has a long history of controversial statements. The British-American former kickboxer first gained public attention when he was removed from the UK version of reality show Big Brother in 2016 after a video appeared to show him attacking a woman. He later claimed the footage had been edited. Tate went on to create a following for himself as an alpha male lifestyle coach and has since amassed a number of controversial opinions that have earned him a backlash from women’s groups.

In September 2017, he caused outrage on social media by claiming that depression is not a real illness, and later that year came under fire for saying women should “bear responsibility” if they were raped, referencing the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault allegations. He was also removed from social media platform X – formerly Twitter – on multiple occasions for offensive comments and views, including insinuating that women are property of men and blaming rape victims.

The Art of Confidence: Andrew Tate’s Guide to Unleashing Your Inner Warrior

Now, he is currently facing trial in Romania on charges of human trafficking and forming an organised crime group to sexually exploit women. His lawyer has said that he and his brother Tristan are innocent of the charges, and that police misinterpreted evidence against them. Four women he has been accused of raping have taken out crowdfunding campaigns to cover legal fees as they pursue a civil case against him. They are represented by McCue Jury & Partners and the National Center on Sexual Exploitation Law Centre in the U.S.

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