Check Email Address – How to Verify That an Email Address is Valid

Check Email Address – How to Verify That an Email Address is Valid

Email verification tools can help you verify that an email address is valid. They can remove expired addresses, invalid syntaxes and fake emails.

Performing an check email address is easy and requires no registration. You simply enter the email address to be checked and click Verify.

Another super-simple way to check an email address is to search for it on a major search engine like Google or Bing. This will give you a digital footprint of the person who owns that email address. If it is a real person, you can find their web presence and social media channels that will show that they are active on the Internet.

An email address check is also a good idea before sending messages to new subscribers. This helps ensure that the addresses you are sending to are still valid and that your mailing list software is not ignoring these addresses.

How to Check an Email Address for Validity and Deliverability

A good email verification tool will also perform an MX record check, which is an important step to identify garbage emails. This feature checks whether the mail exchange entry listed in the email address is an actual, registered and hosted domain name.

When you send emails to your customers or prospects, the quality of the address can have a direct impact on their engagement. Bad addresses can lead to a higher bounce rate, which will be reflected in your email service provider’s spam filters. This can cause your marketing campaigns to get blocked by the recipients and hurt your reputation in the process.

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