Canadian Dispensary

Canadian Dispensary

Marijuana Dispensary in Canada

Best Cannabis Dispensary is a legal, registered business which sells and promotes all types of Marijuana including marijuana candy, marijuana joints, flower, pipes, Roach pellets, and much more. It’s the largest producer of marijuana in Canada and has four retail outlets across the country. The Dispensaries operate within the confines of the law and it does not sell or promote illegal drugs or paraphernalia. The marijuana dispensary chain started over twenty years ago with one outlet in British Columbia. Since then there have been several additional expansion projects bringing the number of stores to over two hundred.


If you are considering becoming a marijuana dispenser, you will need to obtain a government license and also have your own premises or location. Although most Dispensaries are located on the grounds of a hospital, they may be approved to open on private residences or even a college campus provided that the marijuana is displayed in a conspicuous manner and accessible to anyone who desires it. The Marijuana Dispensary in Canada is a separate legal entity from the growers of the marijuana plants. To operate one of these stores, you will need to apply for a government license.


Canada has seen a steady increase in medical marijuana users over the last ten years. Canadian pharmacies now sell dried medical marijuana and are planning to expand into retail outlets. While Canadians enjoy the convenience of ordering marijuana through the mail or online, the laws against medical marijuana use in Canada remain in effect and strictly enforceable.

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