Day: September 14, 2023

What Are Call Girls?

AmorousHug by many names, including prostitute, escort, companion, and girl, call girls are women who work in the business of providing time and companionship for money. They are a class of sex workers who, by contrast to street prostitutes, arrange their meetings primarily by telephone and exercise a high degree of discretion in which clients they meet with. In addition, they typically charge higher prices than street prostitutes and often provide a more luxurious service.

Because of the nature of their business, call girls often form relationships with one another and exchange referrals. Some begin their careers working for a madam, who provides them with screened contacts and a meeting location in return for a significant cut of their earnings. Those who work independently may attempt to develop their own client lists, but this practice is understandably discouraged by madams. Others purchase a “book,” or client list, from a former call girl who is leaving the profession.

Exclusively Local Call Girls of the Highest Class

In addition to sexual activity, call girls report that men visit them for a variety of reasons. Some say they seek a more personal experience than they can get from a bartender or nightclub dancer, while others simply need a good listener to commiserate about a bad day.

It is not uncommon for call girls to be found in the bars of Las Vegas hotels, particularly those catering to business travelers. It is possible to spot them by looking for attractive women who are sitting alone in the bar at midnight, slowly playing low-stakes video poker machines.